Side effects of skydiving may include serious addiction to fun

There’s more than one kind of skydiving addiction.

Skydive Hollister is a multidisciplinary dropzone, specializing in not only first-time tandem skydiving, but also fun jumps & progression coaching, as well as AFF solo skydiving certification. You’ll find them at 234B Skylane Dr, Hollister, CA 95023.

The first time you jump will most likely be a tandem skydive. If history is any indication (and it usually is), your first skydive will be the single greatest experience in your lifetime and you’ll want to do it again and again and again and again and again.

two tandem skydivers under canopy flying above Hollister at Skydive Hollister
Tandem skydivers under canopy

Skydiving Bug Symptoms and Management

Sometimes, first timers have such an amazing experience that they can’t stop thinking about skydiving. These soon-to-be airborne athletes have been bitten and infected by an addiction to skydiving, or what is colloquially known as the “Skydiving Bug.”

The Skydiving Bug can manifest in many ways, which include longing for freedom from gravity vectors, increasingly frequent use of the term ‘land lubbers,’ and thoughts of, “I can finally cross skydiving off my bucket list. But here’s the irony: Now I’m not sure I want to.

The Quick Fix

Some people address this conflict by booking and performing further tandem skydives, for which they usually earn some kind of returning or referring customer deal, promotion, or incentive. These weekend warriors usually cannot alter their lifestyle enough to include intensive therapy. 

Sometimes, a regimen of recurring tandem jumps is enough to manage your Skydiving Bug. Check SH’s calendar for available dates and to schedule your checkup (and jump-out).

Remote Hybrid Community Self-Treatment

If you are suffering from symptoms of the bug and cannot attend a skydive, immersing yourself in the online skydiving community may help ease your suffering. 

We recommend these specific actions to start: 

  1. Subscribe to skydiving video channels and binge.
  2. Connect with fellow skydiving enthusiasts on Facebook pages, Instagram, and other platforms.
  3. Read more articles about skydiving.
  4. Imagine yourself jumping again.
  5. Host a watch party showcasing your skydive video.

A Cure for the Skydiving Bug

As any experienced skydiver will tell you, the only way to fix the Skydiving Bug is to embrace it and simply allow yourself to become a skydiver. There are a few different ways to do this, but the most effective and permanent solution is to enroll in Accelerated Freefall at a skydiving school. The Skydiving Bug recovery rate, when treated with AFF, is substantially greater than that of any other method.

Hear from Skydiving Bug victims in treatment or recovery

Patient: Robert L. | Admission Date: 6/27/2020. | Diagnosis: Future Skydiver. | Recommendation: AFF Certification. Status: AFF Ground School scheduled.

  Called up to schedule a jump and was surprised to find out that the bad reviews (pretty much all the none 5 stars) about customer service were previous owners/employees.  Jake was informative, helpful and exceeded my expectations.  I’m excited about heading out to Hollister this month for a jump.  Thanks for the grade A customer service Jake! 

6/27/20 The day was awesome.  I jumped twice and the second round my girlfriend was pretty anxious.  Vitor made her experience very pleasurable.  I think mostly because he was her Superman that day. I can’t say enough about my experience and the people we met.  The unique group of people and the welcoming atmosphere is what we spoke of mostly on the way home.  Thanks Hollister crew! I look forward to my first day of ground school. (…read the rest of Robert’s statement here)

Patient: Jon Karlos M. Admission Date: 7/19/2019 Diagnosis: infected by Skydiving Bug. Recommendation: skydive more. Status: three jumps completed, logbook acquired.

  I came to support my buddy who just graduated from AFF. Had no intentions of jumping. But after two days and 3 jumps I’m hooked. Can’t sleep, can’t eat, just want to keep flipping in the air. Gustavo and the air tribe are awesome. I highly recommend you do this at Hollister. They have a great group of people that are fun and professional.

Patient: Dan H. Admission Date: 01/19/2019. Diagnosis: Skydiver. Recommendation: AFF Certification. Status: Fully Licensed Solo Skydiver, all equipment acquired.

All about safety first. Some of the finest instructors I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with. Their AFF program seemed to be tailor fitted to my picky self. Highly recommend for tandem or AFF.

Patient: Bryan L. Admission Date: 5/20/2019. Diagnosis: Skydiver. Recommendation: AFF Certification. Status: AFF completed, USPA License progression underway.


My instructor was Ronaldo, he was incredibly professional, thorough and focused. I’m new to the sport and just completing my AFF (beginning stages of Skydiving) and I could not be more pleased with the entire group. The man who packs the parachutes is also incredibly thorough and very focused. The equipment looked very well-maintained and the rest of the staff and fun jumpers made me feel incredibly welcome. In just a few weekends it already feels like a second family. (read the rest here)

You are at high risk of missing out.

Skydiving may not be for everyone, but for some of us skydiving is everything. You may be one of us and just don’t know it yet. 

Think about it. 

How could you possibly know that skydiving is going to become an essential, rewarding part of your life if you’ve never done it? Not even once! You owe it to yourself to find out.

Take the leap. Cure yourself. Book a skydive.

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