What is, and isn’t, at the Hollister Airport

What you’ll find at Hollister’s Municipal Airport, and what you won’t find.

There are hidden places at the airport in Hollister, and ghosts of places long gone. There’s even something for you, hidden in this very blog.

If you can identify the esteemed horned king, write a comment with his name, your name, and mine. Everyone who does this gets something super cool.

About Hollister Municipal Airport

Did you know that Hollister has an airport? If you live here, probably. But did you know it has more than just planes and hangars? Here are the local businesses and organizations at the Hollister Airport, and a few that are gone but left behind remnants.

Hollister Airport Main Office

Hollister California National Guard Armory

The armory at Hollister Municipal Airport is a California National Guard branch. The California National Guard trains, equips, and provides for community based land forces. Keep in mind that’s a very simplified summary.

This can mean volunteering at a food bank while also staying ready to mobilize and assist federal authority operations on order. It can also mean a lot of other things I didn’t research.

The military base is listed as somewhere in between 2724-2898 San Felipe Rd and I didn’t feel like going up and asking if that’s correct.

Hollister Armory Address and Website

Skydive Hollister & Silicon Valley

Skydive Hollister building with with reading Skydive Hollister

Formerly just Skydive Hollister, this skydiving center is now both Skydive Hollister and Skydive Silicon Valley. After over thirty years at the Hollister Municipal Airport, the new owners of Skydive Hollister negotiated a permit to operate at the San Martin Airport (this was quite a feat due to the airport notoriously hating skydivers). Both locations will remain open, splitting operating days and types between airports.

A happy dog walking around the outdoor area at Skydive Hollister

Since COVID-19 hit, everyone sheltered in place, and now businesses slowly reopen, these guys got to start back up but only in Hollister. For now. They do tandem skydives and fun jumps and a lot of other stuff. 

…just go to the website.

Skydive Hollister & Silicon Valley address, contact info, and website

Hollister Elks Lodge No. 1436

The Elk’s Lodge is a fraternal organization as well as an event hosting location. They have a dining area. They can accommodate groups of up to 275 people.

RV parking is open to Elk members only, two allotted weeks per calendar year. There are electricity and water hook-ups available as well as a dump site. They have 11 sites available at $20.00 each per night. Dump site is free if you stay 3 nights.

Hollister Elks Lodge No. 1436 contacts & contact information

Exalted Ruler: Matt Peters

Secretary: Anthony J Mauro

Cyber-Assistant: Bill Pedrazzi

  • 351 Astro Dr, Hollister, CA 95023
  • +18316371436
  • elks.org/

Aris Helicopters

Aris Helicopters call themselves a helicopter tour agency, but they are much more than that. First of all: their helicopters look SO COOL.

Aris Helicopter

They use their helicopters for: “…precision external load operations, fire fighting, aerial construction and heavy lift projects, power pole and utility lines including communications survey and repair, law enforcement, frost control, seismic work, charter, motion picture support, including aerial cinematography and video production.”

Aris Helicopters information & location

Hollister Soaring Club aka Bay Area Glider Rides

This one was a little trickier to pin down. Bay Area Glider Rides did exist, but has moved to a different building and then changed its name to Hollister Soaring Center.

Old data, however, can linger.

Google Maps erroneously has Bay Area Glider Rides listed at both 30 Airport Dr and its current address, 90 Skylane Dr. The website on both listings, bayareagliderrides.com, redirects to Hollistersoaringcenter.com.

With this, the obscured truth is confirmed. According to the website, Bay Area Glider Rides is now officially Hollister Soaring Center and is located at 90 Skylane Dr Suite 101 (Google must have missed that!).

Hollister Soaring Center offers professional glider rides and professional flight instruction that will take you from your first flight to solo piloting, and all the way through your FAA Private Pilot Glider certificate.

Address, website, and contact information

90 Skylane Dr Suite 101, Hollister, CA 95023


‭(831) 636-3799‬

Stay tuned, more hidden local secrets from Hollister Airport next time! Subscribe to hear about it hot off the presses.

-real Jake Logan

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