What to expect from the real Jake Logan’s blog

Thanks for coming to my blog! I’m the real Jake Logan. I hope you’ll like what I have to share, and maybe you’ll learn something that helps you. Here are some topics to expect.

Life Lessons the Hard Way

I’ve learned a lot of lessons, most of them the hard way. There was the time I learned not to get in the truck with a meth addict armed with a switchblade, and later learned why to not cross said addict.

Overcoming Mental Illness

I’ve learned to manage my bipolar disorder, which is tricky to juggle along with ADD and anxiety disorder. Mostly. I’ll write about that too.

Observations and Hubris

I’ve learned how to recognize the patterns in human behavior, not to predict what people will do but to understand how this may affect that in this way and then only two things can happen. Yeah, those articles will be interesting.

Business Stuff

Expect articles on a wide range of business topics, including but not limited to marketing, web design, SEO, local businesses, and others.


Reviewed will be video games, businesses, products, websites, books, movies, and others.

The List Goes On


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